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Acrobatic Positions


These positions generally require a change from one posture to that of another during the act or else are rather difficult to perform and maintain because of the positions the bodies of each must assume. However, a couple in good physical shape may well want to add some desirable spice to their love life by trying some of these.

The Kama Shilpa Technique: The wife wraps her legs around her husband's hips, her arms around his neck. He may assist her by forming a hammock of his hands for her to sit in. if this position becomes tiring (as it surely must), the wife can sit upon some object until
vaginal orgasm approaches at which time her husband can lift her into the original position.

The Wheelbarrow: The wife from a standing position, bends over, leaning with her arms upon a pillow in front of her. The husband stands behind her, leans over, picks up her legs and places them on either sides of his hips, holding them there with his hands. He them walks up between her legs, allowing his wife to wrap them around his hips. He achieves intromission by backing slightly off from the vulva. This position places the vulva upside-down from the usual and brings the nodule of the clitoris in direct contact with the more sensitive underside of the penis. It is virtually impossible not to achieve maximum clitoral stimulation in the wheelbarrow position. There are other more acrobatic positions but these I will leave to your mutual ingenuity. If you are able to accomplish the two above and wish to try others, I would suggest any are
position for coitus with the woman standing on her head, with the man suspended from above, and a host of other complications which I can't help but feel become so intricate that some of the enjoyment of the act itself and the tenderness accompanying it must be dissipated during the elaborate physical adjustments that must be made. However, each to his own in such matters.

A position which I have previously heard of, but have seen in print only twice, consists of the husband lying on his back with the wife suspended over him, either buy an inner tube or in a toilet seat suspended from above by a rope. During the act the husband can create a true rotary movement by usual thrusting movements continue. This is something for the truly ambitious to attempt!

Generally, before a new position is attempted an atmosphere of willingness of both parties must be established. If the woman, for example, does not want to try it, and is only begrudgingly giving her consent, the new position is doomed to failure. Both must be actively trying to make it work before any true test of the possible compatibility of the position can be accomplished. Since the pelvis is fluid in its coital movements, either partner can easily make a very simple position impossible simply by the refusal to tilt slightly with the pelvis to effect a better connection. Therefore, it is not possible to have just one experimental partner in sexual relationships . One may lead, but the other must follow enthusiastically and willingly.

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