Achieving complete Sexual Fulfillment

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Positions For Coitus

For some peculiar reason most of the Western world accepts without question the fact that in relationships, the husband will be on top of his wife, giving him the supposed physical advantage of controlling his wife's teasing movements by the weight and mass of this own body, and the psychological advantage of being in the dominant position. There are many reasons why this position is not advantageous, especially for a couple not yet sexually accustomed to each other but tradition would have it, in our society at least, that any other position for the sexual act is a deviation from the norm, analogous to some sort of sexual acrobatics.

It is impossible to refute this tradition strongly enough. To begin with, archeologists and anthropologists have long ago proven that cultures more
sexually boredom advanced and refined than ours generally preferred other positions. Secondly, the traditional man-on-top posture effectively reduces the male's ability to further stimulate the female with manual caresses. Furthermore, the idea of a large man squashing a woman into the mattress is immediately rather ridiculous. To counteract this, some authorities point out that the man should rest most of his weight on his elbows, which further complicates the whole situation. And although good contact with the clitoris is possible in this position, it cannot be assured unless the man moves upward on the woman which must naturally mean, in many cases, that his shoulders are on the opposite with her face, an even more preposterous physical posture.

The thing to remember about positions is that there are many ways of achieving sexual stimulation and that many factors must be taken into account before the best postures for any particular couple can be worked out. A little experimentation during the foreplay is not such a bad idea. For instance, the accommodation of knowledge of sex organs is enhanced in certain positions. The precise location of the clitoris, the respective sizes of the phallus, and the vagina and the angle of the vagina, the physical sizes of the man and woman, their psychological preferences, and many other aspects- all combine to dictate the best possible and auxiliary postures for the most successful and fulfilling sexual experience.

Positions Determine Dominance

One of the most important factors in determining the sexual position, as mentioned above, is the psychology of the both of the partners. It is natural in all of us to assume that the person "on top" is dominant, not only in sexual matters, but in most aspect of life. For example, every executive knows that, during a conference, he should wait until he has a very important point to make before he stands. We are naturally forced to look up to the man who is standing and in this sense he becomes dominant or "on top-." For the same reason, chorus girls sin a musical production are often elevated from the rest of the stage so that they will attract more attention and dominate the interest of the audience. So we see that the whole concept of superiority, dominance, and command is often psychologically reflected in the physical position and location of the person or person in command. The stage itself serves a psychological purpose beyond the mere functional advantage of allowing the audience to see the action more easily. You know many people who are reluctant to get up on a stage to speak. On the other hand, people who would feel most uncomfortable on a stage are quite willing to speak out from the audience. There is safety within the group. There is a chance of disapproval, the uncomfortable feeling of being the center of attention, when you are on a stage.

The psychological forces that are brought to play upon a position of command are much the same as those faced by a single person facing an audience. I bring up this analogy to point out the fact that many people are not psychologically prepared to take a dominant position. Many wives, for instance, cannot adjust to the idea of the superior position. I would like such wives to make a conscious effort to attempt the dominant position in sexual relations. For there are times in
marriage when it will be necessary for you to do so, and the time to learn how to do it is during the early excitement when both of you are naturally exploring the pleasures you can give each other.

Exchanging Roles