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First of all we shall list the positions with a brief physical description of each. In the following section we shall expand on some of them where special benefits are physically inherent in them

Husband Dominant : the woman lies on her back, her legs spread far apart, knees bent. The husband, supporting himself on one arm achieves intromission and then lies on top of the woman between her legs. It is advisable that the husband use his elbows and knees to partially remove the weight of his body from his wife. By so doing he also gives the opportunity for more coital movement and response.

There are variations of this basic position. After the husband has achieved intromission, the wife may gradually close her thighs as the husband moves his legs outside of hers. Or the husband may adjust himself so that one of his wife's legs is between his two, which generally means lying partially on his left side. By so doing, he is also releasing his right arm for the necessity of providing his own support and therefore he can continue manual caresses.

In all of the above positions, it is necessary that the husband be concerned with the need of moving upward against his wife's body in order to ensure the continued contact of the base of the phallus with her clitoris. However, there is a
position for coitus which almost automatically ensures close contact. If the wife sits on the end of the bed, spreads her legs and then lies back, the husband can then place his weight on his hands, one on each side of her body, on the bed. He can then achieve intromission and the forced horizontal position of the phallus is such that it will make a natural and continuing contact with the clitoris. This position can also be recommended for defloration if a hymen is present. The angle at which the penis approaches the vestibule is such that the pressure of the shaft of the penis, rather than glans, is responsible for the tearing of the membrane. This is generally more comfortable for both the man and the woman.

The wife can use her own legs to good advantage in these positions. Especially if her legs are on the outside of her husband's and she is prone beneath him. By locking her legs around his body she can achieve a closer connection and establish bodily rhythm.

The wife may also draw her legs up as far as possible toward her breast. The husband can then support himself by placing his arms across her legs or by resting his chest upon her legs and wrapping his arms around her body. This position can become uncomfortable.

For the sake of variety the wife may life on her stomach, allowing the husband to penetrate the vagina from behind. This is not a particularly well-recommended acrobatic position as maintaining contact of a knowledge of sex organs requires practice and often several adjustments. The angles of the phallus and the vagina are opposing, to begin with. If the wife's buttocks are large or if the man is obese, the position is rendered nearly impossible. There is also no contact with the clitoris in this position.

However, a variation upon it solves some of the problems. If the wife kneel at the end of the bed, then lies forward so that her buttocks are raised, and her thighs slightly parted, the husband may stand on the floor behind her, achieve intromission, and since his hands are quite free as he thrusts, he may stimulate his wife as she desires. this position is to be recommended as it provides variety with the possibility of many caresses. As orgasm approaches, the woman's knees may weaken and the husband may have to hold her with his arm beneath her abdomen.

Wife Dominant: : The husband lies on his back with his wife sitting on his upper thighs, her legs curled beneath her on either side of him. she rises upward, grips the phallus and guides it into the vaginal orgasm orifice. She may make a variety of movements, ranging from up and down to back and forth. Or the husband may grasp her buttocks and arch upward into her as she in turn moves with him. the husband may use his hands to stimulate her clitoris and breasts. The husband may use his hands to stimulate her clitoris and breasts. The wife may choose to uncurl her legs and stretch them out on either side of her prone husband if the position becomes too tiring. A derivation of the wife-dominant position occurs if the wife bends forward so that she is lying upon her husband's body. This allows him oral contact with her nipples in many cases.

The husband may raise his legs upward so that his wife can lean against his thighs for support. This is particularly advisable if their movements are prolonged as the wife's back can become tired in this sitting position.

The wife may also turn around, so that the husband faces her back. I have known hair fetishists who preferred his position as it allows them to play with the long stands of their wife's hair as types of orgasm approached.

The wife may lie entirely supine on top of the husband, with her legs on either side of his. This position allows deep kissing and the husband can help control the moment by clutching at the wife's buttocks.

Seated Positions: The woman sits astride her husband who is seated in a chair or on a stool. She faces him and, after intromission is made, bends backward away from him to compensate from the divergent angles of the phallus and vagina.

The woman may sit on her husband's lap, her back to him wither hands on his knees. This position makes deep penetration almost impossible and is therefore useful during breasts by reaching around from behind her.

Other Possible Positions: Also possible for experimentation are a variety of positions in which the wife is lying over a hassock or padded stool, or when she is standing with the upper part of her body leaning on a dresser.

The couple may also attempt sexual intercourse while standing, facing each other, although the relative angles of the phallus and vagina are not optimum and the difference in heights of the two can make this position difficult.

Acrobatic Positions