Achieving complete Sexual Fulfillment

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Achieving complete Sexual Fulfillment

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Achieving complete Sexual Fulfillment

Prolonging the Sexual Act


Why prolong? Why not just let nature take her course? Why not enjoy each other's bodies, make the physical connection, select a favorable position, vary the coital movement as de- sired and reach fulfillment? After all, isn't that what nature intended?

The answer to the last question is, undoubtedly, yes. As far as nature is concerned, the sexual act is primarily to re- lease the male spermatozoa through climax so that the woman can be impregnated and the species continued. In so doing, the man, at least, releases a good deal of nervous tension and is generally lulled into a soporific state that is quite pleasant. But we are not animals; we have highly developed sensitivities, keen awareness's, subtle emotional shades of response. We demand, in short, much more of our sexual relationships than merely what nature intends.

The Nature of the Problem

That same "nature" went all out in her insistence on the continuing of the species. She made the man a creature who is easily aroused and easily satisfied. And the relaxing lull in which all hidden desire is gone that follows climax is his reward for a job well done. Since a woman can conceive at any time the ova are released, the wife was not given the same propensity. Therefore, we must accept the unfortunate fact that successful and fulfilling sexual relationships depend entirely on thwarting nature's plan. The woman must be aroused far more than is necessary for her to perform her natural function, while the easily aroused man must be delayed for what seems to him an eternity of straining at the end Of his tether.

Strangely enough, though, this situation, when it is finally resolved in orgasm, produces a richer, more exciting, more explosive
vaginal orgasm for both. For the woman, the long period m of steadily mounting excitement, the gradual abandonment to the sexual act IS worth the Waiting, the caressing, the thrilling tension that precedes it; for the man, the long wait m makes the final release that much more overwhelming and I totally satisfying because he knows his wife has also shared I his keen pleasure.

The problem of prolonging the sex act so that the woman I may be satisfied lies primarily with the man. And the problem m is quite simple to define: the man must last at least as long as it takes the woman to have her orgasm. Since the sexual :g nature of women varies considerably, this length of time must also be different for each woman, and will undoubtedly change depending upon extraneous factors each time the couple has sexual intercourse. A woman cannot, at will, speed up her excitement. She can, however, release her body, physically and psychologically to her husband in order that he may bring her to a high-pitched excitement without having her m fight against him. Any such retention in women considerably complicates the husband's job. And if he is a husband who loves his wife, and is sexually excited by her, his job of holding himself back is quite difficult enough without any spurious inhibitions from her to cope with.

The task, therefore, is twofold: retarding the husband's climax while speeding up the wife's type of orgasm as much as possible.

Developing Ability